Tongariro Holiday Park  

Mt Ngauruhoe

Sorry climbing to the Summit is no longer allowed.
Mt Ngauruhoe is volcanic composite cone mountain that can be climbed year round. Ngauruhoe is usually climbed from the western side. A track called the Mangetepopo takes around 1 ½ hours walk from the Mangetepopo hut to the base of the mountain. Loose tephra makes up the majority of the mountains slope and can make for difficult climbing conditions requiring a good level of fitness. During the winter the mountain is packed with snow and forms a 45 degree slope requiring the climber to kick steps. The snow is usually ice covered and it is not recommended for climber without the proper ice climbing equipment and skill level. For more information contact us or visit the following sites.

Tongariro Holiday Park can provide transport to and from the mountain for our guests and we located only 20 minutes’ drive from the track. We have a great spa to relax in after the climb and full facilities to cater for all accommodation requirements.